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Baldų komponentai



Apie aštuoniasdešimt procentų visos mūsų gaminamos produkcijos sudaro baldų komponentų gamyba eksportui.

Baldų komponentų gamyboje naudojame tikslius cnc pjovimo, frezavimo, bei gęžimo įrengimus. 


Komponentai gaminami iš: LMDP; MDP; MPP; MDF plokštės; faneros; medžio; popieriaus.

Furniture components

About eighty percent of all of our production consists of manufacturing of furniture components for export.

Furniture components are manufactured using CNC cutting, milling and drilling equipment. 


The components are manufactured of: Laminated Chipboard, MDP; MPP; MDF panels; plywood; wood; paper.

Hallway, office, children's room and other frame furniture

Our manufactured hallway furniture will decorate hallways of both modern and classical style.

Children's room furniture can be manufacture of MDF or Laminated Chipboard panels. Colors and shapes of the children's room furniture will provide space for each child's imagination and fantasy. We can offer our customers various sizes and models of Padvaisko and Dormeo mattresses.

Furniture for kindergartens and schools

Modern, practical and convenient


The MDF or Laminated Chipboard are used for manufacture of cabinets, wardrobes, desks, chests of drawers, towel rails and other frame furniture for kindergartens and schools.





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