CNC service

3D-2d milling service

We are specialising in the supply of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutter machine modelling and milling services. We do modelling and milling of 2D-3D details. We work from a given example, photo or an idea. We will fulfil your vision from a project to an actual product.

We milling panels, facades, decorations, furniture details, bas-reliefs, logos on wood, mirror frames, fences and other interior and exterior details.

We can also offer you our services in making openwork partitions from more than a two thousand different patterns to choose from. We charge from 40 euros for a square meter (materials included).

You can choose from materials such as wood, plywood, furniture panels (baldu ploskes), MDF, MDP, LMDP and others. (Except metal)

We take orders from a minimal of 40 euros.

Our product size range:
From 60x60mm to 3522x2200mm.

CNC Milling of 2D details price would also start from 6 euros if the order is not less than 50 square meters.

We can send you a free quote if you provide us with the layout and dimensions of your project.

Phone.: +37065527175


azurine pertvara
azurine pertvara
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CNC lmdp grezimas
CNC drilling service



Vertical and horizontal drilling. Fom materials such as wood, plywood, furniture panels, MDF, MDP, laminated plate and others. (Except metal)